Don't Play This Game

February 19, 2018

The minute you start comparing yourself to someone else you've already lost.

Yesterday, I spent the day with a group of phenomenal entrepreneurs who are rocking their business. I was there to learn, refine my strategy and meet others on a similar journey.

It occurred to me though, as I met new people and learned about their business that it is so very easy to fall into the comparison game. To either start the self negative talk or alternatively to mentally lessen their achievements to console yourself.

Honestly, I've played that game before and the one thing that I am absolutely sure of today is that it helps absolutely NO ONE.

It's taken work to train myself to not play this no-win game. And, hey I'm not perfect, thoughts still creep into my psyche that do not serve me. Let me be very honest, they started to bubble up yesterday.

So, what did I do to stop a pattern I knew did me and others no good?

I became quiet. I closed my eyes and took 5 deep breaths.

As I settled myself into a calming and peaceful state, I thought, I have a choice to make here. I can live on auto-pilot and let emotions creep up as they please, allowing them to wash over me or I can choose the thoughts and emotions that will serve me and others in my life.

So I made a choice. I chose to focus on my goals and actions as I push myself to grow, not relative to anyone else, but rather as a personal challenge that pulls me forward and keeps my life interesting. I chose to be curious about others' success and what they've learned along the way, as I have only knowledge and inspiration to gain. I chose to celebrate the successes of others because I fully understand and accept that the success of others serves to fuel my success, that their success is my success and that it is the only right thing to do.

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