Do You Have What it Takes to be a Leader?

April 9, 2018

Leadership is a funny thing. There’s an element of elitism in the word and yet in reality we are all leaders.

Some are leaders of industry, others of communities or families and others leaders of teams or simply leaders from within.

Irrespective of the role you hold, everyone has the opportunity to be a leader. I believe that leadership is a state of mind, a managed state and an opportunity to live from a place where our higher self is our main operating system.

We have all had those moments where we know that a smaller version of ourselves is calling the shots. These are the times when we engage in gossip, look at a situation from our perspective alone and look to seek revenge or payback.

While we may gain some instant relief or release in the moment, the quality of our lives is reduced as a result. It has been my experience that I am at my most happiest when I operate from my higher self. I am most at peace, when I operate from the part of me that speaks from the heart, recognizing that the person in front of me has her own realities, stories and struggles and that she, as with myself, is seeking to contribute, grow and be loved.

Have you ever met with a team and realized that the person in charge is not in fact the ‘leader’ in the group? I have, more than once.

Leadership is not a title. The leader in the room is not necessarily the person with the most senior title, the largest bank account or the most popular. A leader is someone that takes measured action based on the realization that we are all interrelated and connected by our desire for love and acceptance.

As you live your life, from work to home, seek to call on your higher self to lead your actions, to connect with others, to manage the meaning you attach to situations and the emotions that ensue.

From this state, you will experience more happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction....and those big hairy audacious goals you have...they become much more palpable and achievable.

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