5 Tips for Getting Noticed Online

March 26, 2018

When you are just getting started at building an online presence and sharing your brand story, it can feel overwhelming and as if you're very late to the game.

You know that feeling when your friends have an epic party and fail to tell you about it or they tell you and you didn't go and now you're kicking yourself for it. That's how I've felt.

I've been building brands for companies for decades now and while I've built a personal brand for myself within my network, I had done little to build a brand outside of my network, with the community I feel passionately connected with and want to interact with, serve, learn from and be surrounded with.

So I decided to change that and little by little I've been building a brand online. There's a lot more to come and if you choose to follow me you'll see things roll out after another...all in an attempt to share my story, expand my reach with the audience I feel intimately connected with and help them improve their life and business so that they can in turn serve their communities.

I keep this thought very clear in my mind because building a brand in the vastness of the internet can be daunting and discouraging at times. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. You don't have to have hundreds of thousands of followers to make an impact. Don't chase quantity, chase quality.

2. Be true to yourself. Be honest, authentic and genuine. Don't play online 'games', they don't work offline and they won't work online either.

3. Always keep in mind that there is a person (with feelings, struggles and emotions) on the other end of the like, comment, follow. Use common courtesy as you would with friends and family. It always pays off and it's the right thing to do.

4. Develop a strategy for your online presence, don't do things sporadically or off the cuff. Consistency and a quality experience are cornerstones of a strong brand off and online.

5. You don't have to reinvent the wheel or be at the forefront of online tools. Start with what you know. Be consistent. Build from there. Action is more important than perfection.

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