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Are you Ready?

Ready to reduce stress, increase your impact and strengthen relationships? Ready to build confidence, develop self-awareness, influence and become a powerful source of inspiration?  

My name is Lisa da Rocha and I am proud to be a purpose-driven leader. My leadership story starts in my early twenties when I co-founded a business that grew to a multi million-dollar company. Later, after completing my MBA, I was recruited by a global enterprise where I quickly became the youngest Vice President in the organization and appointed to the top 1% of executives worldwide by the CEO.

I became a leader at a young age and it wasn't always easy.

To be an inspiring leader means to be driven by intention, awareness and connection. This isn’t how I always led. Early on, I found myself leading from a place of insecurity, scarcity and fear. Not surprisingly, I didn’t enjoy it. It wasn’t fun for me or those around me.

With a deep desire to transform, I started studying leaders. I noted their tactics, observed their impact and identified their blocks and motivations. I combs through research, interviewed hundreds of leaders and experimented with a variety of approaches. Eventually, I found the key components that felt right, produced tangible results and inspired others.

Today, as a certified Neuro-Transformational Coach, I combine my expertise in leadership, coaching and neuroscience, to help leaders hone their leadership skills from the inside out so that they inspire, achieve and lead greatly.

To schedule a mini-session where we can connect over the phone, discuss your goals and determine whether there is a good fit, connect with me below.